Rancilio Epoca S Tank 1 Espresso Machine

 Rancilio Epoca S Tank 1 Espresso Machine Buy Now on Amazon.com

Rancilio Epoca S Tank 1 Espresso Machine was listed on Amazon for $3,358.59, selling for $2,100.00 USD brand new. Manufactured by Rancilio. There are 2 units left brand new. If you prefer this product in used condition, there are 1 left on Amazon starting at $1,200.00.

Some great features of this product include:

  • Up to 70 drinks per hour
  • 3.9 liter copper boiler with welded heat exchanger
  • Automatic boiler water level with anti-siphon valve
  • Durable ABS over steel frame with stainless steel
  • 2 in. diameter boiler pressure gauge

The Rancilio company has a long tradition of building high-quality espresso machines dating back to the 1920’s. Rancilio’s goal is to maintain their position of leadership in the industry and to provide customers with a means of enjoying a great cup of espresso, anywhere, anytime: The Rancilio Epoca ST-1 is the perfect machine for a coffee shop or a little business that does more than a “few cups a day”. Made of heavy duty construction, this commercial machine excels at making a perfect espresso extraction time after time. NSF certified: Large Boiler. An oversized 3.9 liter boiler lets the user switch between brewing and steaming with no down time in between. No need to constantly fill the water tank with this size boiler! Separate Steam & Hot Water Knobs. The steam and hot water nozzles are separate on this machine and both sit on a swivel joint. For your convenience, you can put them out of the way when cleaning the machine. In addition, you can use pretty much any size frothing pitcher for making cappuccinos and your favorite coffeehouse drinks: Cup Warmer. The passively-heated cup warmer on top of this machine will hold about a dozen espresso cups and keep them nice and toasty and ready for espresso: The body of the Epoca is made of molded ABS plastic which makes this machine rust proof and scratch proof: Features: Manual Dosage. Internal Water Tank. Incorporated Water Softner. Body of machine is scratch-resistant and anticorrostive. Pod adaptable (See Accessories). Automatic water level control. Stainless steel machine body.

Rancilio Epoca S Tank 1 Espresso Machine

Buy Now on Amazon.com

Starting at $1,200.00 used

Buy for $2,100.00 brand new

Save 37% ($1,258.59) by purchasing on Amazon.com

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